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ADRX Initial Token Offering with 25% Token Bonus

ADRX is live on Waves DEX and trading in all major pairs including BTC, USD, LTC, ETH and more. We are selling $100,000 USD of ADRX tokens with a 25% token bonus. The capital will be used for the construction of our social media application, and to be listed on a select top 20 exchange. Email us the proof of transaction TX number to receive the 25% ADRX token bonus.

Our cryptocurrency token is used to book trips through the platform for absolute wholesale price; 15 to 25% lower than advertised pricing. To pay for your trip with ADRX token you must buy the token from Waves Exchange, then send us the required amount in ADRX to our waves wallet address.

Payment with token will only be valid after significant trading volume is produced on exchanges. Click here to purchase ADRX token from waves exchange

A quick video to explain ADR services and benefits to users, social media platform. wholesale booking eco-system.