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There’s no place in the surfing world like the Northern Mentawais and there’s no place in the Mentawais like Kandui Resort. Going into their 14th year of operation, they’ve been stoked to host thousands of guests from all corners of the earth. Kandui Resort is hands down the best surfing location on the planet and the only resort with direct beach access to the heart of the “Playgrounds” region, a surf resort in every sense of the word. Under the helm of their beloved “All Day Ray” Wilcoxen, their philosophy from day 1 is put the guest first in and out of the water. Their goal is provide access to the best surf in this world, all the comforts of the western world and an atmosphere that is one of a kind.

There is no other surfing island on the earth like Kandui Island. With over 15 waves on the island, there is literally something for everyone. Whether it’s the 2 best barreling waves in the world, Kandui Left and Rifles or the fun waves of 4Bobs and Karangbat Left, no other island in this world compares. Throw in 30 additional waves within a 30 minute boat ride, no surfing location comes remotely close.

70% of their annual guests are return guests. 


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Ever since the world was introduced to the Mentawai Islands over 25 years ago, the surf world has never been the same. Countless islands, perfect reef passes, light winds, remote location and a conveyor belt of relentless swell from 6,000 miles away, there is literally no other place in this world that compares to the Mentawais. The playgrounds region is the heart of the Mentawais with Kandui Resort located directly in front.

The Kandui Resort In-Season (April – Sept) is in the center of Indian Ocean SW swell season. Once high pressure breaks in the Indian Ocean, storms start marching from Africa to Indonesia and do not stop till late season. During this time of year, the surf rarely drops below head high and during a standard trip to Kandui Resort, guests can expect 1-2 swells to really get the blood flowing. While the Northern Mentawais have some of the best barreling waves in Indonesia (Kandui Left, Rifles, Bank Vaults, Hideaways), this area is unique in that it has something for everyone. While Kandui Left is triple overhead, Karangbat Left is head high and perfect for cruising. While Rifles is pumping double overhead barrels, 4bobs is slightly overhead and perfect for turns. In-Season is a great time to push your barrel-riding limits while you can also kick back and surf your favorite fish just around the corner. We’ve been stoked to host thousands of guests from all corners of the earth and even more stoked to put thousands on the waves of their lives.



Overhead waves, great weather, low crowds and great vibes. The Kandui Resort Shoulder-Season (October – March), has had the biggest misconception for years. Flat surf, bad winds, tons of rain and not the time to visit the archipelago. While most of the archipelago faces west and turns onshore, the playgrounds region has countless reef passes that remain offshore. While you will not see the large SW swells that results in massive Kandui Left or Bank Vaults, you will see countless days of overhead surf with good conditions that favor the rights. While most of our guests (us included) do not want the massive, scary surf that in-season can yield, our Shoulder-Season results in the fun overhead surf that the Mentawais are know for. Throw in light crowds and good conditions and you have the Mentawai’s best kept secret.


The Kandui Resort Mentawai Fast departs Padang on our transfer days at 730am, arriving to the resort at 1030am and departs the resort at 130pm, arriving back to Padang at 430pm. Please visit Transfer to Kandui Resort page and if you are visiting us in our shoulder season, please contact us at info@adrenalinechain.com since our schedule varies.

For more information please check https://mentawaiislands.com/travel-info/travel-itinerary/