Aura Surf Resort in a fortunate position of being geographically located in the doldrums- which means unlike other parts of Indonesia they do not rely on the trade winds. There is swell year round and they have this epic Peak (pictured) directly in front of the resort. There are numerous waves spread across the island, the majority breaking over coral reef, but also multiple beach breaks for those after something a bit more mellow.

The most consistent wave on the island also happens to be right on your doorstep and can be clearly viewed from every room at the resort.

A short boat trip will get you and your mates out to what could be the best barrel of your life.

if you're keen to make a day out of it and feel what surf exploration is all about, then a trip out to this favourite secret spot could be what you're after.

Book your trip with us and receive up to 16% discount!


-Wholesale prices are only available if booked through Adrenaline Chain Ecosystem-

Pay in ADRX token to achieve the net rate:

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  2. Once you have WAVES token go to the Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and purchase ADRX / WAVES pair. Click the search function and type in ADRX to locate the ADRX / WAVES pair.

  3. Send the equivalent of USD in ADRX to Waves Wallet Address 3P3BK3kEgeMk8XZJ3kgZAuaN6VTKiLu5Yj3

  4. Email the TX status proof of transaction to

For help through the process please email us we are happy to help. How to receive Waves using credit or debit card

Our low cost website is one of the ways we are able to provide wholesale rates directly to the consumer.

We encourage our customers to contact the operator directly to clarify details, but please remember the discounted price is only available if booked through our system. The operator will not provide wholesale prices direct to the public.

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Getting to Aura Surf Resort is easier than almost all other surf resorts in Indonesia! Book your flights to Medan in Indonesia (the easiest way is to go via Singapore or Kuala Lumpur ). Depending on what time your flight arrives in Medan, you can either fly to Aura surf Resort on the same day, or it may be necessary to stay overnight in Medan- in which case we can recommend excellent, clean and affordable places to stay. A representative from Aura will book your domestic Indonesian flights to Aura Surf Resort.

Once on our island you will be greeted by one of our staff who will transport you and your boards to our resort. This is a short 20 minute drive on newly sealed roads through small villages and past beautiful beaches. We have a world class peak right out the front of our Resort. You can be surfing the same day!


Wings Air is AUD$225 return not including board bags. Board bags are paid at check in.Board bags are approx 200,00 IDR ( AUD$20 ) per board.

Prices of flights can be subject to change.
You must ensure you have enough CASH in IDR to pay for excess board bags or baggage at check in at both Medan ‎and Simeulue airports, or risk not being allowed on the flight.

Land in Medan before 11am to fly Wings Air to Simeulue on the same day. Return flight depart Medan after 6pm then you get the last day surfing.

For more information, please contact us at