Travel with Surf Banyak onboard the Mighty Seriti! Score awesome waves in a remote and idyllic tropical location. Experience the chilled vibe and friendly atmosphere that Surf Banyak is renowned for, while exploring the beautiful Banyak Islands on a surf trip of a lifetime.

Just north of Nias, the islands of Bangkaru (“Treasure Island”) and Tuangku (“Bay of Plenty”) hold a number of world-class waves and there is still more exploring going on. 

There are left and right-handers ranging from long deep barrels, fast and hollow down-the-line peelers, perfect peaks to long cruising walls with plenty of time to rip the faces apart.

You’re likely to get more great waves on a Surf trips Banyak Islands with Surf Banyak than in months of surfing at home.

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Peak Season: November to April    Off Season: October to February    Please contact us at    for more information and booking

Peak Season: November to April

Off Season: October to February

Please contact us at for more information and booking

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Wholesale prices are only available if booked through Adrenaline Chain Ecosystem


The Banyak Islands receive most of swells from the low pressure systems traveling across the Southern Indian Ocean between South Africa and Australia. Those of you with experience of the lower parts of Australia, Sth Africa or New Zealand will know the intensity and frequency of these storms. They are seasonal, most frequent and intense from April to October in peak season, but they also pulse through at other times, usually slightly smaller and less frequent.

November-April often produces swells with more west in them, which is better for the Tuangku/Bay of Plenty breaks, and some unpredictable west swells come at this time from monsoon conditions in the northern hemisphere that we do not get in peak season, but these also produce great surfing.

During previous seasons, the months May through August have consistently received larger swells from the WSW direction, though this is never a hard and fast rule. Swell direction is important for the Banyak breaks, in more south swells the Bangkaru breaks such as Treasure Island and Cobras can be six feet while the Bay is almost flat; meanwhile the Bangkaru breaks usually do not like swells with a lot of west in them.

What makes the Banyaks a great off-peak destination is that winds are always variable because we are so close to the equator. There just isn’t much wind around and it is hard to predict it in any seasonal way, though there is a higher chance of storms in the off-peak Oct-Feb time.


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